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Some practical hints when working on your Vespa

A shopping list when buying a Vespa in pieces

My personal tips if you want to buy a Vespa but don't know which one to choose

Expert list of the newsgroup alt.scooters where you can ask any question regarding scooters and scootering....and probably get answers too.




Restoration links

Useful links for those (like myself) who are into restoring vespas. Also check the links in the "Other scooter sites" part below.
  • Scootopia is a company in the U.K. specialising in "hard-to-find"-parts for Vespa (and that other Italian scooter brand :-)). They also make parts themselves if they can not be found elsewhere.
  • Quepo is an Italian company that sells used vespa engines (among other Italian vehicles/parts). Ships all over the world.
  • Speedo King sells speedometers for vespas along with spare parts. They also repair old speedos as well as make custom versions.
  • is a shop in Austria that specialises in old vespas. They have parts as well as complete scooters for sale worldwide.

Other scooter sites