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                    Vespa PX200E 1984 chassis/engine code VSX1


This is the latest steel frame vespa with manual gearbox and it is still in production. It has gone through some changes over the years regarding colors, front disc brake and type of seat but it is mainly the same model as when once introduced in the late seventies. It has a 4 gear manual gearbox, 200cc engine with about 12.4 hp. 12V electrical system and drum operated brakes (front disc from 98). Oil is automatically mixed at 2% and thus is all hassling with measures and premixing avoided. PROS:



    Lots. Rugged engine with lots of spares and tuning details available. Good front fork with improved suspension compared to older models. 12V regulated AC system (DC and AC in some countries) gives improved lights, electronic ignition, ignition lock, automatic oil mix, tank meter on later models - to put it short it is a true imrovement. The low geared 4:th gear gives a pleasant rpm. even if you are riding at 65 mph. The 200cc engine giving 12.4 hp makes it a vespa well suited for carrying a passangers and highway speeds at 70 mph (110 km/h) is usually no problem. With a lock in the seat it is also goodbye with tampering. This lock does not only prevent gas theft but the seat must also be unlocked and lifted to remove the side cowls. CONS: The seat is a bit higher than on older models which may cause problems to a short rider. In my opinion is the only real drawback its squarish and very early eighties looks. Compared to other Vespa models I would even call it ugly - but that's it. Some american models were fitted with the smaller 20/20 carb instead of the regulaer 24/24.


    This will of course affect the performance Some riders do not trust the automatic system and run premixed whith the automatic system blocked. In my opinion the automatic system is good and reliable as long as none has tampered with it. But PX200E is best for me........iMJava





Friday, July 21, 2000